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A Reputable Dental Clinic in Istanbul

Painful teeth and strep throat while you are visiting Istanbul? Looking for a dentist who speaks English? For many simple and more complicated dental problems, our dental clinic Istanbul offers wonderful treatments that can provide relief from pain and worry. For decades, we’ve been offering top quality dental treatments in Istanbul for clients coming from all around the world. To keep up with the high standards we set for ourselves, we care onstantly improving our clinic with new technologies and practices. With our reputable dentists, you never have to fear root canal, dental implants, or any other dental treatments.

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Crowns for Broken Teeth

Dental crowns are one of the most common treatments our clients seek. The crown can do a great job in covering a tooth that is badly stained, chipped or broken. The cap or crown is made by your dentist in our dental clinic Istanbul using porcelain. Then it looks like a natural tooth. If the crown is at the back of the mouth, for strength, it is made with porcelain bonded to metal. We care for your dental health, and that’s why we only use the top quality materials.

Implants for Missing Teeth

Another popular treatment is the dental implant. A missing tooth, especially in the front of your mouth, can make it that you put your hand in front of your mouth when you smile. Dental implants that are actually artificial roots used to support the replacement tooth are the perfect solution for missing teeth.

For your dental implants or root canal to be a success, we have highly skilled dentists who use top-quality materials. Simply gives us a call or submit the contact form for an appointment.