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Dental care is an important aspect of every individual’s day to day life. It’s not just about brushing and flossing your teeth religiously. Sometimes, more drastic measures are necessary to ensure you get to live your very best life, especially when you have missing teeth. That’s where we, your qualified Istanbul dentists, come into the picture with dental implant treatment. Whether you’d like a dental procedure for cosmetic purposes, or as a result of unexpected misfortunes, our qualified practitioners are here for you. We don’t let the language barrier turn into a problem for you while getting dental care, that’s why the staff of Istanbul Dentist speaks English.

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Oral care involves procedures to either improve the state of your natural teeth or to replace teeth that are irreparable. Restorative options include cavity filling or root canals. For tooth replacement options after an extraction, patients could get bridges, dentures or dental implants to try and restore normal function. Implants are the most permanent option which involves placing surgical fixtures into the jawbone, thus acting like a normal tooth with a root holding it in place. Our Istanbul implant clinic is experienced with such procedures.

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