Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment in Istanbul

Root canal refers to the dental treatment procedure used to save and repair a tooth that is either infected or badly decayed. During the procedure, the pulp and the nerve and removed and then the inside of the affected tooth or teeth is cleaned and carefully sealed. A root canal is an alternative to tooth removal. For specialized root canal procedures, visit Istanbul dentist where you will be offered excellent dental services by highly experienced dentists.

Why You Should Consider Root Canal?

When a tooth’s pulp or nerve tissue is damaged, it usually breaks down, resulting in the multiplication of bacteria within the tooth chamber. This bacteria is harmful in that it causes infections or an abscessed tooth. Primarily, an abscess refers to the pus-filled pocket that is formed at the end of the affected tooth. To prevent an abscess or infection from occurring, or to reduce its effects it is advisable to visit our dentist for a root canal procedure.

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Root Canal Treatment

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